How to organize your room for girls?

One of the cutest rooms of a house is definitely a girl’s room. However, as girls are known to use a lot of things in terms of clothes and accessories, the chances are that the cuteness shall hide under huge piles of accessories, clothes and toys and the room shall appear messy and cluttered.

A girl’s room need not be a disaster, and can easily be kept organized. With simple tricks and tips, you can make the room prettier than before. In addition, it does not require you to burn a hole in your pocket.

Get her help – if your daughter is old enough, get her involved in the organization process. She would be the right person to decide upon the things that are wanted in the rooms and the things that should be thrown away.


Proper storage of clothes – clothes are known to be the messiest items in a girl’s room. Remove all the clothes from her closet, including drawers. Create piles according to usage, for instance, daily wears, formal wears, winter wears, summer wears, night wears, etc. Out of the season clothes should not be stored in the closet. Instead, store them in a storage bin or a suitcase and keep the bin in loft or garage. Place the rest of clothes in neat piles. Do not forget to get rid of clothes that are stained, torn or cannot be used any more.

Storage of small items – your girl must be using a lot of small items such as rubber bands, neck pieces, earrings, bracelets, belts, watches, etc. For the storage of these things, buy stackable small boxes. Alternatively, you may also buy a side closet with a lot of drawers and sections.

Shoes – when it comes to shoes, girls are known to pick every shoe from the market that interests them. The best way to store shoes is to make a shoe rack behind the door. Simple open shelves will do the needful. In addition, you may also buy flat shoe boxes from the market and slide them under the bed.

Extra space – Lastly, create some extra space in the room for storage of miscellaneous items such as books, craft items, paints, etc. You may allot a separate drawer for this or install hanging shelves on a free wall.

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